Procyongraphics an illustration to your idea, is a graphic designing and embroidery digitizing company with 10 plus years of experts in the industry of promotional products, Retail, sporting products, Professional Sports, Corporate, Uniforms, Manufacturing and Embroidery markets. We are equipped with highly proficient artist in the industry to maintain the quality standards to our customer, in-house designers and digitizers, state-of-the-art tools and techniques, professional workflow processes, and detail-oriented quality assurance systems to deliver custom design solutions within challenging turnaround times.




Our design team transforms raw image inputs into camera ready artwork for use by custom-decorating apparel manufacturers and the promotional products industry. Camera ready artwork is used for various methods ...of imprinting including silk screen printing, engraving, laser etching, debossing/ embossing, and even enamel art on a wide range of apparel, promotional products, sporting wear, headgear and accessories. Our artwork capabilities include vector design, redraws, namedrops, image editing, custom rhinestone designs, virtual embroidery and customer proofs among many others.



Stand-out embroidery designs on garments, bags, headwear, uniforms and various accessories begin with high quality custom embroidery digitizing that converts your design into a digital embroidery file ...readable by any embroidery machine. Our digitizing capabilities range from namedrop, lettering and logos, to appliqué, sequins, 3D puff, chenille and motifs. Texture is added in thread colors to match your design, using different types of fills including satin stitch, complex fill, run stitch, triple run, motif, backstitch and manual stitch. Logos, monograms, emblems and just about any design can be digitized precisely to specifications, ready to be sewn by your embroidery machine on a wide range of substrates.



Our print design capabilities transform your concepts into persuasive messages delivered through exceptionally creative forms of visual expression. The custom design scope includes complete marketing collateral, visual identity..., business stationery, signage, packaging, catalogs and publications. Marketing collateral covers brochures, flyers, newsletters, banners, posters, postcards, gift cards and more. We deliver a complete corporate ID kit comprising of business cards, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, message slips and notepads designed to leave a lasting brand impression.



We can help you kickstart your data project today. Our designers are experts in their craft with web and mobile design. Whether you have an idea for a dashboard or a mobile application, Procyon can bring your idea to life. ...Our trained staff of designers & engineers can deliver web designs that matter to you, and your end users. We specialize in front-end development and back-end development across cross platform devices.


▬ We provide our clients excellent service by deeply understanding and addressing their needs.

▬ Every employee contributes to our success by supporting and trusting each other in a familial setting.

▬ Open communication within our organization fosters creativity, flexibility, and fun.

▬ Knowledge and high moral value are the basis of our relationships with clients, coworkers, and vendors.

▬ We provide a unique work environment to foster opportunities and promote mutual growth for both our customers and our employees.


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